Welcome to the leading french bicycle equipment manufacturer!

Our young company is at a crossroads, with the ambition of moving the yardsticks in two areas: industrial relocation on the one hand and sustainable active mobility on the other.

This dual challenge is being taken up by employees who are committed to re-establishing the cycle industry in its birthplace, the Lyon region, with the support of institutional and private partners.

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Our product range

Tube-based components, brakes, transmission components: in the medium term we will be able to offer our customers a complete range. In the short term, we are focusing on structural components that meet our customers’ immediate needs.

As a local equipment provider, we offer a wide range of sercices, from product development to logistics services, with a high level of customization.

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The convictions that drive us

Product innovation

Industry 4.0

Socially responsible company

Local ecosystem

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Les prochaines étapes

June 2023
First recruitments
End of 2023
Start of production with our partners
Q1 2024
Acceptance and installation of the plant in the Lyon metropolitan area
Q3 2024
Plant start-up
From 2025
Industrial ramp-up until the end of 2026

Management team

Passionate about bicycles, but not only!

With a wealth of complementary experience, our management team has the ambition to relocate an industry to serve a dynamic and rapidly expanding European cycle market. It is committed to building a managerial and industrial model that is in tune with the times and connected to its local area.

Luc Larderet

CEO and co-founder

Pauline Machal

Chief of Staff

Cyril Beaulieu

Chief Technical Officer

Jean-Christophe Collet

COO and Co-founder

From the blue folding two-wheelers of his childhood to road racing, Luc caught the cycling bug.

After starting out in industry, Luc managed transformation projects, set up, developped and grow consulting and IT companies over a period of twenty years. He then went on to advise senior executives on their growth operations.

Driven by the desire to combine his passion for cycling with his professional life, Luc and Jean-Christophe sketched out a project for a cycling equipment manufacturer. He now runs RIIDE Components.


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